Once again, camera looks at the car. Thanks, Shelly. Tucker had nothing, and I mean nothing to do with any of this. Yeah, remind everyone in this town how there's no better ghost fighter than Danny Phantom. He says this way, He'll be able to catch ghosts and download songs faster. What the hell does he want this money for? The Infi-map can lead us into any entrance into the Ghost Zone anywhere on the Earth. Obviously, Vlad loses. Anyways, remember Vlad’s satellite? A page for describing YMMV: Phantom Planet. Seeing as the world is in jeopardy, I felt that the Masters' Blasters presence was an absolute necessity. Cut to Danny, who still had a look of determination as he flew with ghostly tail towards the Car-Puter. Posted by turritopsisdohrnii on January 3, 2015, https://foralloneisworth.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/danny-phantom-phantom-planet-rant/. I can move faster on my own. Another meteor (possibly 944 Hidalgo) zooms past again, between Jupiter and the screen. Defeating you was just the first act of my little show. Or rather, at a place the Earth will be by the time the astroid gets there. Ever since season 1, it’s been all about getting Maddie. Oh yes. If you took your powers away now--, Hey, Masters' Blasters, remember me? I don't have my ghost powers anymore! Danny definitely wasn't expecting to be given an offer to join a covert ops team by Batman so soon after school had ended. In earlier episodes, we have actual facts show up, such as information about the Packers and the first Super Bowl. Camera cuts to a view that partially shows the Car-Puter on the right side of the screen. I redressed the Tuckbot 9000 to look and act like you. He wouldn’t have been able to get to where he is today without her help. At least it's quiet and I--. This thing gave me my powers. He’s pretty darn powerful. Danny Phantom - Season 1 - Episode 06 What You Want {Animation 2018} Animation 2018. No! Have fun getting your lips un-frozen from each other. The time for secrets is over. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I just care about you and my family more. Masters' Blasters captures Aragon in a net and contain him. But no, clearly, he needed a new power to defeat the new ghost. Puppy.De serie werd oorspronkelijk uitgezonden van 2004 tot 2007, en telt 53 afleveringen. I was never worried. Black is very slimming. Use it wisely. Hmm, 3 news photos of you in your underwear, 9 more and you can have your own calendar. Well gang, there's good news and bad news. Cut to the Car-Puter, who opened it's hood and the engine came flying out while remaining tethered by wires. The band consists of Alex Greenwald (vocals, rhythm guitar), Darren Robinson (lead guitar), Sam Farrar (bass guitar) and Jeff Conrad (drums). This would have made for a more interesting story, as it would have been exciting to see what Vlad would have done to the world once he was in control. A red planet (Mars) and a meteor appears. See where the future takes us? On to the finale. And is on his way to destroy the asteroid. And a selfish one at that. Time, equipment, storage, it all adds up. Ha! The portal shorts out and Danny steps out in his human state with a white streak in his hair. With them. And they're called Masters' Blasters. An exact duplicate of this statue stands proudly in the capital of every nation of the world. My first car accident and I'm not even driving yet! And how dare you students eat them?! [, I'm going ghost! What's with you, Fenton? A portal to the Ghost Zone opens and Vlad emerges from it with the Infi-map. Like I said, he got turned into a dull, flat, second-rate villain all in the span of about and hour and a half. That does it! And clearly, I am still livid at the way they ended the show. Right on cue. Well, it was always you, but…. I wonder if it could--. Then, there is a press conference during which Vlad does the unthinkable — he transforms in front of everybody, revealing that he is a halfa. Although the disastroid is the main concern, Vlad certainly is — and has been — the main villain. My dad says he even wants me to team up with him now. Okay, that's enough for today. Saved by Danielle Kephart. I was expecting a strong finale, the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. Oh, come on, you guys, don't you realize what this means? Broken Base: There are those who enjoyed the Grand Finale, feeling that it was a good way to close out Danny's … He really should not suddenly become easier to beat than some lower-level ghosts like Technus. Though the world has come to know me as Vlad Masters billionaire mayor of Amity Park, I prefer you call me by my chosen slightly more evil name…Vlad Plasmius. At any rate, it’s clear what I thought of Phantom Planet. The Team Phantom by Amethyst-Ocean on DeviantArt. Undergrowth attacks, sending thorns at Danny Phantom. He blasts a blue electro-blast offscreen. Looks like we'll have to find other things to occupy our time, huh? Just sitting around, not fighting ghosts with my totally ordinary pals. The point being: what the cheese would he want the money for anyways? There was something weird going on with Vlad — his characterization did not remain consistent — and he turned into just another flat, boring, second-rate villain. And even if it wasn't I could never go back. Despite not fitting any of his previous motives, I certainly would have found this ending much more entertaining than the current one. We'll return it to him as soon as we can. Where the heck is everybody? Danny Phantom S01E07 - Bitter Reunions. There would have been so much potential, and ending the movie with the apparent death of Danny, Danny being captured by Vlad, or perhaps Vlad offering Danny some sort of Sadistic Choice regarding his loved ones and the safety of the world would certainly have upped the ante. Jack, you have to help me. It has an adverse affect on ghosts, and he can do absolutely nothing to stop the disastroid from destroying Earth. Yeah. So yay, the Earth is saved, and Danny’s secret identity is revealed to the entire world. This way the Disasteroid will pass harmlessly through. And now that you've saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize. He says he's got new that will impact the entire world. I will be. Turning, it's heel-wheels start spinning. Jack and Madeline Fenton, our readings indicate an ectoplasmic entity on the premises. 2 of the computers are now shown to have their screen completely busted through. Amity Park Chronicle: DANNY PHANTOM: NAKED NUISANCE? No. [gasps] A robot? It’s not like there’s this thing called “Eskimo kissing” for a reason. That way it'll just pass harmlessly through the Earth. Your resolution is much too low and your bandwidth is far too large! How dare they serve veggie burgers today?! You asked me to hold it, remember? I'm normal again. There isn't a rock anywhere that could outsmart Jack Fenton. But, I suppose I should be saying thank you. Danny pushes the button in the portal. Believe it Jazz. The characters in the show actually felt like real people, not just some idiotic stereotypes with stuffing for brains and strange speech patterns. Two weeks, which may or may not be two weeks since the satellite incident (although time has passed, which puts it at a likely three or four weeks since the explosion). Good question. Never mind that generally speaking, humans would die from that many attacks at once. But let’s think about this realistically: the disastroid originated from near the rings of Saturn. And according to the map one's about to open right here. Danny Phantom Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He sends a bolt of lighting to strike Danny, frying away his jumpsuit and revealing his briefs again. Not to mention that the suggested time to reach Earth assumes that it is traveling in a straight line at Earth. Zijn ouders zijn spookjagers. The character development and plot arcs I enjoyed from seasons 1 and 2 were kind of just dropped like a hot potato. Why is everyone but me bummed about this? And he’s rich already! With Sam turned into his "daughter," he had her attack Danny. Without anything or anyone to fight, the hero is essentially useless. "It will drive you... to your DOOM!" The world is safe, time for new beginnings. Well, I like my darkness with a little more oxygen and a lot less asteroids. Buckle up guys, Operation: Danny Phantom Rocks is about to begin! The new plan is very simple. Let’s not forget the killing Jack part. And I probably won't see much of you anymore. Dannyand his friends emerge from the portal soon after, and a battle ensues. He goes into the Ghost Zone seeking help, but the ghosts attack him. I mean, really. What a glorious morning. Good news my powers are back. Computer parts began to stack on it. And I do so love games. Because we all know that is a perfectly reasonable way to get his powers back. It hasn’t even been two weeks yet. Cut to a column of boxes containing some of the store's merchandise. They already had an enthusiastic audience. Good fortune?! In case you don’t know, Phantom Planet is the movie of the cartoon show Danny Phantom, which we should all be very familiar with. And I don't care what's coming next I just hope that whatever it is, you're there to share it with me. And Vlad had always had the one-up on Danny. Still, Danny often only barely wins, and Vlad’s had his share of triumphs. In fact, most of their battle were pretty darn intense. Permanently!" Why not? A ghost portal appears and Vlad flies out of it holding the Infi-map. I always knew that Phantom kid was a menace! The Car-Puter released, and sped offscreen. All you have to do is make everyone see you for the hero we know you are. It's not enough you destroy your own world, now you have to destroy ours, too? As the youngest mayor in Amity Park history it's my great honor to present this commemorative statue honoring the hero who bravely saved us all. We'll find something that rhymes with "Phantom". There's this new Masters' Blasters video game we can play. Where its trajectory will send it crashing directly into the Earth. DANNY PHANTOM HAS FLORIDA SHAPED BIRTHMARK. But, Dad. Alright. Well, look on the bright side. I know that this is technically supposed to be a rant about Phantom Planet, but I’ve got a thing or two to say about season three in general. With the help of the international community, many scientists, and (after much persuasion) the ghosts of the Ghost Zone, they turn the entire Earth intangible. Intangible? Sam mentions that Danny is probably not going to have a lot of time to spend with her, yadda yadda, and Danny says of course not. What was Nickelodeon thinking? 18 Phantom Pheromones » by Apprentice08 When Danny and Vlad cause chaos and destruction in the Ghost Zone, Clockwork must act to assuage the other ghosts who are demanding the pair be banned. I…oh mom. Congratulations, guys. Wow. Presumably, he is going to spend the rest of his days wandering aimlessly around the endless vacuum of space, with nowhere to go, nobody to talk to…. Technus's fall was broken from it, and the 3 computers & keyboard landed next to him. Danny Phantom is back. I never meant to hurt you. ( Log Out /  I was also pissed. Newspaper headline from Amity Park Angle: BLASTERS SNARE DRAGON. [Signs Tucker's hat]There you go, dude. I have a proposition to make. I’m just going to kind of skim over everything, since going through and pointing out everything that was wrong with it would just take way too much time. Now all we need is a massive ghost power source. I get it: it’s a story. https://dannyphantom.fandom.com/wiki/Phantom_Planet/Transcript?oldid=108015. Great. Still, it's cool we were able to help out Frostbite. Danny moved into the blue, and Technus claimed the pink. Additionally, the disastroid would not speed up until it encountered the Earth’s gravitational pull, and would not really speed up until it hit the atmosphere. Ectoranium. Gotta go. I'm starting to think that maybe we'd all be better off without 'em. And it will be ARRIVING IN TWO HONKING WEEKS. Season 3 felt rushed, and although I really enjoyed some of the episodes, I just couldn’t really shake the feeling that the show had lost some of its previous quality. Smoke was left behind. Montage of Danny living a normal life while the Masters Blasters deal with ghosts. Cut to a car parked at the sidewalk. And it's been another busy day for Mayor Master's Masters' Blasters, who are now charging a small fee to cover their growing expenses. Whichever one floats your boat. My plan is very simple, out with the old and in with the new! Foolish of you to come here in your human form ghost child. In what almost feels to be border-line deus ex machina writing, this gives Danny his ghost powers back rather than kill him. Why the heck would he want to rule the world? For a cartoon of this nature, it actually did pretty well. If we went into the billboard's mouth I don't wanna know where we're coming out. So now that Danny’s normal and boring again, it’s hard to still really want to associate with him? Not bad, huh? What do you say, wanna go for a ride? Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Phantom Planet, Danny, after being publicly shamed by Vlad's new ghost hunting team, wants to be normal again. Take it with you, but promise to bring it back. And I'm so proud of each and every one of you for trying your best. Danny, think of all the good you've done and our doing. He announces that he has created his own tea… Saturn? How am I selfish? They were divided only by a slanted line with no color of it's own. But I-I couldn't have. Sort of a Ghosts R' Us. Ladies, gentlemen, various nations and stuff. What if we don't make the asteroid intangible? Tires for heels, clavicle and back. We estimate we have one week before impact. I understand you've sent in your own team of experts. The Car-Puter then retracted the engine. It was just an accident. He can take that attacks and COME OUT WITH HIS GHOST POWERS FULLY INTACT. Obviously, since the show was always clear-cut good vs. evil, there were going to be some things that fall close to boundary of cliche, as well as a bunch of common tropes. I have a few things I need to talk to you about. However, Danny managed to escape with his new ice powers. Everything. We can talk about this. [Nervously chuckles] Thank goodness I'm wearing gloves. Sure, it was silly and sometimes over-the-top, but it’s a children’s cartoon. And Sam. I'm goin' ghost! Not even a hood to be seen. Or Turritopsis. Tucker Foley will lead the construction team in building the transfer device while Jack and Maddie Fenton's team will spread the transfer cables across the globe.
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