I received my doll in a bag, no box, and I had to attach it’s legs. These people need to be shot for shixxen and hung for stanken I’m pissed about the gargoyle in a dress that came in the mail today as a gift for my daughters bday that was suppose to be the doll she ordered that we waited so long for even tho we payed for expedited shipping which was an extra 60 bucks shame on this company for doing kids like this you don’t mess with God’s children an think you gonna get away with this karma is real BUYERS BEWARE if You think this company not a scam guess again DO NOT BUY HERE PLEASE you will be mad like I am. I bought a twin from reborn shoppe,i soooo like her.I saw a lot of reviews,but now,I think this is good doll store. They matter to you and because of that, they matter to us. I would definitely order from this company again. She arrived fast and her box opening was Spectacular and l was blown away. This is a scam .dolls are not what I ordered.just regular dolls .I ordered a boy and girl .the money I paid I could have gone to Wal-Mart got better dolls.I have been calling number they give and no one answers.. She came in earlier than expected and just as described. Just want to give a big shoutout to Charles, Susan, and Tony at Reborn Bike Shop!!! What a disappointment for her. They claimed the doll was delivered and to check with FedEx. Get to know the best shop place your (online) order. The face and hair are so odd (for lack of a better word) I am debating whether to change her into boy's clothes. I recieved my doll in the mail, one side of her face was sunk in, eyes are different sizes, very thin hair and legs are not even attached. US. 1. Reborn baby, baby doll, review, unboxing, new born baby, reborn, reveal, Priya Write a review. If I could rate this website a zero, I would. I contacted them and sent a review which did not show up afterwards. 1 review Scam I purchased a doll from reborn doll shop.com I was scammed buy them the doll that I ordered they did not send me instead they sent this horrible horrendous doll that look like it came out of a horror movie be where they do come under other names I wish all you people out there could I see a picture of this horrible doll if you did you'd say what is it. If they don't want to lose money on return shipping fees they should send customers the doll ordered! I have been working with PayPal for a refund because I would email the company and I’d get no response. Reply . The face and hair are so odd (for lack of a better word) I am debating whether to change her into boy's clothes. They better not want me to send it back to them. They stole pictures from real creators and no reborn should be at a price this low The doll MIGHT look normal when IF u get it but u should not touch it, it’s Produced with toxic materials that can be dangerous so don’t believe the good reviews please if u want a good doll don’t use these fake websites just use reborns.com or Artdollery.com to find trusted sellers. 101 people follow this. Log In. The legs arent attached. Create New Account. So I contacted the company and they apologized for the mistake and offered to give me a 40 dollar refund and send me a new doll with a vinyl body. No silicone body like I selected. I definitely feel like they were worth the money. I was scared she was a scam after because she was made in China and the website is similar to Reborndollsshop which has a lot of bad reviews. I purchase the little diaz with the clothes for my grand daughter in April 2020 to this day I have never receive it and they were given specific instruction to have the packaged signed for . Reborn Baby Dolls Clothes Denim Dress Suit for 20''- 22'' Reborn Doll Girl Baby Clothing Baby Sets Reborn Dolls Matching Clothing 4 pcs Set reborndollsshop $19.99 $49.99 … You've already flagged this Vanessa Wilm 1 review. Have feedback? And they look cheaply made. First ma'am vinyl isn't good for the skin and silicone and vinyl DO NOT MIX you should keep them away from each other. See more of Reborn Shoppe on Facebook. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I have not bought a doll yet but I am getting Jaliyah if anyone knows if he is a scam please tell me! We got the doll and it was plastic with a cloth body...not what we ordered. My daughter opens the package and crys. Hideous ugly doll. My granddaughter (5 years old) loves her. But because of one review I’m second guessing myself.... please tell me what to do because I really want this doll. Doll was Terrible. Reviews. or. It took a month and a week to receive a doll that was not silicone. I bought the doll for my daughter. They are rude and will definitely not give a refund. The hair is a lighter brown and looks nothing like listed on the website - a total scam, and waste of money. One of the places you might want to check if you want to buy a toy is Reborn Shoppe. 1. Both Heroes Reborn teasers were revealed on Twitter by the official Marvel account and that of Marvel … In researching feedback from other buyers (sadly, after the fact) I have concluded that there is little hope of a full refund. You've already flagged this ANGELA Jones 2 reviews. Nor can I find a phone number. How would you rate the quality and affordability of their dolls? Visit this website reborndoll shop.com. If not you can find many other brands to read about on our website! Please do not order from them. Reborn Shoppe. She is exactly like the picture. If I could give no stars I would. I get the disclaimer that the dills may not ship with the clothes shown. I purchased a girl doll, Hadlee, disappointed for the fact it doesn't look or feel as real as advertised but more importantly, I purchased a GIRL. Buy Kaitlyn.I got it and has a amazing quality. I ordered a doll from them and the same thing happened. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Shopping & Retail in Shenzhen, Guangdong. I think they are definitely more realistic than most dolls on the market but not sure it's worth the money. Neither leg is moveable because they are so tight. Share. Charles went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and got everything I needed plus more. reborndoll shop.com. The doll is not worth $5 let alone $92. Overall, for my 3 year old, she will ADORE it. It arrived but was a cheap knockoff. I feel like they sent whatever kind of doll because I opened a dispute with PayPal. I am so glad I purchased her. Looks nothing like the picture. Jade is Beautiful and l Love her. Doll is so beautiful. You've already flagged this Brenda Holloway 1 review. 12'' Diaz Black Reborn Baby Doll Girl Toy SKU: KSRB005BAWB image.png I attached a pic of all three dolls. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Came with pink papers and pink bottle and pacifier. Bought as a christmas gift and now my daughter has nothing to open because we spent $100 on a doll that is so creepy looking I don't even want to give it to her. The hands are totally deformed. She is a great comfort to my sister. Do NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. But I received my doll in the end, a good quality and is very real. I contacted them a few times with no response. 3.2. reborndollsgift shop.com. I don't know what to do I ordered it 2 month s ago still has not arrived with all these reviews I don't know what to do. Community. And now it showed they werent shipped. Will never order from them again. About See All. So now I have 2 ugly nothing like reborn dolls sitting in my closet because I was to poor for them in the first place. Share. But just as much as a lower priced doll. Try all 2 Reborn Shoppe coupons in a matter of seconds. However, you should read honest reviews of Reborn Shoppe before you visit them so that you can have an idea of what to expect and what to look out for when you patronize them. I reported them to the BBB. Only paid about $90 USD to get this doll for my daughter. After reading the comments.Most people are not satisfied with your product. I contacted customer service and was told this was not a defect and that I would have to return the doll at my expense to China for a refund. I called FedEx and I was told that the company only created a label and they never sent over a package to be shipped. Recieved no repsonse to thise emails. Don't recommend this company to anyone. Target Dry coupon codes. or. Reply. I have been trying to get a refund for weeks not. LABOR DAY SALE: 25% off your entire purchase! So much for Reborn Doll Shop Crooks Useful. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Silicone Vinyl Body Cloth Body Qty 49 in stock -+ Add to Cart Buy Now. I was a little confused because it looked like the pictures advertising their dolls were stolen- but when my doll arrived full credit was given to the real brand of the doll on the certificate. Everthing is same.They are beautiful,I think it's a scam previous,but now.I believe it's good choose.doll is very nice. My sister loves her. I live off of $122 a week unemployment with 3 children. She had been ripped off by the same company the last Christmas I emailed right away canceling my order They said sorry already shipped. I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered! The first time I was contacted by them was once the dolls had shipped. Useful. Here we list some scammers as follows: ebestme whyximuna underthaw physipeli ebestce hotsellsy.com confirmha tophatter eieele www.chicgoby.com Creaticegifts gracehoho Even her head falls off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews 1 Write a review. 21''-22'' Reborn Baby Dolls 20'' Reborn Baby Dolls 19''-19.5'' Reborn Baby Dolls 17'' -18'' Reborn Baby Dolls 12'' Reborn Baby Dolls Shop By Price ALL UNDER $59.99 SALE $59.99-$99.9 ABOVE $99.99 I have purchased masks; very poor quality, no label.Its not possible to get refund; even after I have sent items back! The hair is like electrified straw. if you file a claim with PayPal you might get something in the mail but it won't be what you ordered. Charles and Tony were both very helpful and very knowledgeable. 20% off all … Compliments, Complaints, and tips for Reborn Shoppe If you have ever bought a doll from Reborn Shoppe, kindly drop a comment here. Not Now. I bought a doll from here, and I’m not gonna lie, this was the worst doll I have ever seen, it looks nothing like the picture at all! Recently, many reborn dolls buyers give us feedback that they purchased from other sellers but received completely different doll from pictures on site. My doll arrived and was perfect! Don't purchase from this company Its a SCAM. DO NOT ORDER FROM THiS PLACE. … Forgot account? I donknow why paypal still deals with them. I told my daughter about it. Log In. It is fake!!!!! Cancel the order right away. My daughter ordered the vinyl ones so she could bath with them. Click here to list 2021 Reborn Shoppe newest coupon codes, hot deals and promo codes offer on the site. That was confusing but my reborn turned out perfect. Its Scam! The only downfall is to not expect the doll immediately. I emailed the company to return it and still have not heard anything from them. Reborndollsshop expertly create dolls for the very same reason you collect them; we know that nurturing, play, companionship and memories all matter. Doll was purchased for granddaughter's birthday. US. Pros -Body detailed and has a very realistic appearance -Body perfectly proportioned and real life size -Limbs are pose-able -Body is easy to clean Cons -Shipping was 6 weeks but expected -Face not at all an exact match -Hair is terrible quality and not at all realistic -Limbs are pose-able but very hard to turn -Pacifier made to fit in mouth but will not stay Overall, for my 3 year old, she will ADORE it. The hair is painted on. And they said yes but I would have to pay for shipping back to china!!! Everybody together now decides which shops are worthy and which aren't! I purchased two dolls from this company a girl and boy doll which suppose to be twins. This is a scam website but my doll was okay, the hair looks like a trolls. Don't order from these people. Tony made sure that he got my bike in tip top shape and that I knew … Body is hard vinyl. My daughter loves her new doll! Doesn't matter that it isn't what you ordered. I was scammed by them the doll is horrible. I ordered the ranny doll and did not get the exact doll but, it is kind of a cute doll for a bad price. Weeks later it arrives horrible cheap doll with legs unattached. I paid $99. Not even hair on it. I’m new to buying a reborn for my daughter and already have been scammed once. Instead go to Amazon where I found a real silicone doll for about $300. It is a scam. Thank you all for your reviews . 99 people like this. Create New Account. Do NOT order from this company. or. Forgot account? I wish I could post pictures for all to see but this review does not include that option. UPDATE: Marvel has released more teasers for Heroes Reborn. US. ... Shop with Points; Credit Card Marketplace; Reload Your Balance; Amazon Currency Converter; Let Us Help You. reborndollsgift shop.com. Reborn Shoppe ranks 67 of 274 in Kids' Stores category. Rochelle Grand Rapids, MI Useful. They have taken such good … When I tried to I’m honestly thinking of reaching out to one of these ppl who ve built an audience to direct me to an honest retailer. Needless to say I asked if I could send them back. I bought a 22 inch Diaz from reborn shoppe,but the price is $89.99,Did you buy it at the reborn shoppe? The hair was horrible and felt like stuffed animal material. The quality is good and her hair is pretty easy to maintain and looks cute. I hate China! I have purchased twice, And the doll is beautiful.they provided a tracking number, you can track by the tracking number. don't believe the positive reviews, all fake. They are cheap knockoffs made in china. Very poor quality on the paint job. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. See more of Reborn Dolls Shop on Facebook. I purchased the Alina doll and it arrived with the legs unattached. I received a boy doll with brown eyes and black hair. I think they are definitely more realistic than most dolls on the market but not sure it's worth the money. We will continue to update this article as more are added. The legs are not attached. We just received the doll yesterday, the legs are disassembled from the body and the doll doesn't look anything like the doll we purchased in the picture. On January 4th, 2021, I placed an order for a “BOY” baby doll on … Received my girl,I think she is cute,love. The quality of the product is better than the picture. Doesn't come close to looking realistic. This company is completely unscrupulous! Running between 2004-12 and spanning 42 volumes, Reborn! Im 8 year old i was going to buy one it was 89.99 i told my mom she said let me look at the comments she looked and they were all bad so i said ok, The dolls are horrible do not buy. And at least Amazon stands behind their customers if the item is falsely advertised. But there was not tracking or proof they shipped it. Don’t buy from here! Their response is basically tough luck. Visit this website reborndollsgift shop.com. They knowingly send out cheap versions of the dolls in the picture. When I took off her pants to put the legs in, I discovered it was a boy. Rushmore. She is so cute. This doll is amazing. After reading some comments, I was scared, this was a scam. ZALO USA coupon codes. In most cases, toys are modeled to look like something or are a miniature replica of that thing. It look nothing like the picture. I am going to buy joseph from this website he is so realistic, Bought it 2 months ago still has not came in. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Reborn Dolls at Amazon.com. We received our doll about 4-5 weeks after purchase and I did not receive any shipping updates. Page Transparency See More. 1,052 people like this. I could have purchased better Quality from Wal mart at 1/3 the price Don’t buy from this company! Chinese doll shop knockoffs! I absolutely Love Reborn.com I absolutely Love my Jade awake, l got from the Artist Wendy Starke of Rockabye Reborn Nursery on Reborn.com. They are cheap not even worth $20 at walmart dolls. ", Reviews, complaints and customer experiences (72), Definitely a scam. I am fighting them now. FREE10. It’s my fault for even buying it but my daughter was excited. Reborn! Purchased Alina doll on Friday November 27th for $100, also they had a coupon $10 off for any purchase above $89 but they never applied it during check out. Not like PayPal where they have sided with them instead it seems. When you see all these bad reviews of customers that have been scammed out of there hard earned money you should listen because they to have had very bad experience with the liars and scammers!! (also known as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!) I was unable to attach one of the legs correctly. Specification: Size: about 22 inches; Scent: soft baby powder scent, the scent of the baby comes from the vinyl material, non-toxic and eco-friendly; Safety: conforms or exceeds the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+, which is safe for your children I believe any good reviews must be plants for Rebornshoppe. About. Always Open. The doll is very cute and has a beautiful face. a) data relating to your transactions on the reborn shoppe platform , including but not limited to bids, transaction information and reviews; b) your search service using the reborn shoppe platform Key information entered at the time; c) Credit evaluation, violation of the law or violation of the rules and measures taken against you; Super cute on the website, totally different in person. The company will not answer my emails. Great For - Birthday present, Christmas gift, Preschool activity $10 OFF ORDER OVER $99 $20 OFF ORDER OVER $169 $30 OFF ORDER OVER $199 Free Shipping Over $189.99 Home Best Sellers New In This Week New Reborns Skya Tink Loulou Logan sleeping Raven Yael … They sent it from California but want me to return it to China. The motivation for the establishment of the store was the loss of a baby by a mother who later decided to create a silicone doll that looked like the baby she lost. $46.99 $105.99 1 sold Material. 17" Little Thalia Reborn Baby Doll Girl. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! I’m afraid to buy anything from any independent website. Find guides to this achievement here. Great deals and prices on any bike you could want from high end to weekend cruising!! WKND. The same thing happened to me. We got my 5 yr old one and the doll's legs weren't attached, then they keep falling back off. 1,124 people follow this. See actions taken by the people who manage and … She wanted a "reborn doll". Recently, we have received brunch of feedback from reborn doll lovers, saying the dolls they purchased from other companies are not what picture shows in the website, which are mostly made by cheap plastic. If you go on Facebook and look up Reborn Shoppe scam you will see the truth. Reborndolls shop and reborn shoppe,they are not a company.it's very similar,you must be clear.I'm sorry,ithink it's a scam,but dolls are very good ,you need choose right dolls. Reborn Dollshop is a total scam. Parcel was delivered 7 days after my purchase. See more of Reborn Shoppe on Facebook. Dear rebornshop.com Dear rebornshop.com I received a shipment today, that was supposed to be a Bentley doll with blonde hair and blue eyes. Total junk. This place is a total rip off! It’s an iligally reproduced version of the doll u chose and if u chose a silicone vinyl I hope u know that’s not a thing, silicone and vinyl is not even suppose to be together. I received the doll after approximately 20 days. Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Realistic Baby African American Doll, Tall Dreams Gift Set Ensemble, 22-inch Weighted Baby, for Ages 3+. I thought it was a $400 USD doll. Some adults love to play with toys too. This doll is a cheap $20 Walmart doll at best. Reborn Shoppe. I will never order from them again. They are nothing like that!! Reborn Shoppe coupon codes. This simple but … Your doll was awesome. I’m so happy that I get to get my first reborn from here!!! When I opened the package I thought the doll was cute but I was disappointed to find that the body was made of cloth and not vinyl as I had ordered. www.rebornshoppe.com. On average, they received a star-grading of 6.2/10, with 56% of the reviewers indicating that they would buy from the brand again. I'm sure she will like it when she gets it for her birthday! So very disappointed!! I will not purchase anything from this site in the future. 25% OFF our new Spring Summer 15 Range. Worth maybe $10. this is a Chinese scam company. Products of Reborn Shoppe The products of Reborn Shoppe include realistic and real-life dolls that could include male, female, twins or sleeping babies. Other Stores Coupon Codes. The price of those were too expensive so instead I bought her this one for now. Idk if this place is liget and I look at some comments and they sound VERY BAD so I'm not ordering anything from here. Looks nothing like the photos. My reborn, which I named "Katie" is beautiful, adorable and almost just like the advertisement. Doll is very ugly . Then they try to make you feel sorry for their shipping costs when you try to get them to provide a prepaid return label! I can't believe Paypal and google do business with crimnals. Does anyone know a better way to contact them? Honey scours the internet for all available promo codes and automatically applies the best deal to your cart. The doll does not look like the picture at all. Toys are objects that children can play with. Interest. They are probably planted by the company. When you pull the address up in google earth it shows up a gun shop. I definitely recommend!! the same thing happened to me. Write a review. Reborn Shoppe is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Children & Baby. Community See All. Share Tweet Pin it. A total scam, Super beautiful,she is same with picture.adorable!. I would like to start off with my daughter had purchased these dolls without my permission from the site. THE DOLLS ARE NOTHING LIKE A REBORN. Reborn Shopkeeper achievement in Shoppe Keep: Sold 20,000 items - worth 100 Gamerscore. In 1996, a large portion of the Marvel Universe was rebooted in a Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, and Jeph Loeb-led revamp called 'Heroes Reborn.' I want the REAL DEAL, I f you can't produce the advertised babies...then I would like to cancell the order, and get a refund. I have contacted the company requesting a full refund. Reply. Reborndollsgiftshop Reviews 1 • Average . And that I believed the site was a scam. THEY ARE CHEAPLY MADE. 3 reviews of Reborn Bike Shop "I was a first time customer there today and I will definitely be going back. The doll was purchased for my sister who has stage 4 cancer. I had previously purchased another doll from another vendor and was very disappointed. Need help? I ordered the doll for my granddaughter based on a photo on the Rebornshoppe.com website. Did you get a positive impression from the reviews? I got a nightmare in a box that looked like something sid from toy story made. Bought 2 of them( at the same time) , nothing like doll on site Im so disappointed. The arms and legs are soft to the touch. Thank you! They also sell clothes for dolls. It’s not even the doll I chose . Definitely not $100+ quality. 1 out of 5 stars. Not Now. I bought a $89.99 doll,she has a good quality,but clothes is different. US. Log In. The doll looked nothing like the photographs on their website. All they do is lie, Do not believe the positive reviews for this site. I received one black girl and one white girl clearly not what I ordered. They aimed to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their products. I was very impressed with their courtesy and kindness. I have yet to receive a tracking number for such babies. I want my refund first, then I will gladly send it back. She said Mom it's a scam. There are many types of toys available and several places where you can buy them. I just don’t get why they have to come from China. They sent me a hard plastic doll instead of the full "silicone" doll I paid for. Actually came from China. I recieved a tracking number that kept saying the shipment was never recieved. Bought 2 of them $196 nothing like doll on site Im so disappointed. But recived the email letting me know I would need to ship them back to china if I dont want them. My mother got scammed for 2 dollar store dolls 5” maybe froM a website not this one but set up similar please research before buying Thank you, Stay Away!! They refuse to do anything for us. Her baby is with her in hospice while she is receiving her treatment and she keeps her company. Wish I would have seen all the reviews before ordering. Dont buy it! I purchased a beautiful kaitlyn baby doll but after my purchase i saw that people were scammed. follows protagonist "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi Sawada's tutelage under the world's strongest hitman and titular character, Reborn, to become Vongola Decimo, the highest position in the Mafia. Would you recommend Reborn Shoppe products to others? My reborn, which I named "Katie" is beautiful, adorable and almost just like the advertisement. She fell in love with her right off the bat. I ordered the Bentley doll, which is a girl doll with green eyes and dark blonde hair. Emailed them a week ago and still hasn't responded. They will not REFUND you money Period.. Tare not a trustworthy company. Purchased my first bike since childhood, a beach cruiser bike. Useful. There was very little resemblance to the doll that is pictured on your website. We fully understand the anger of friends who experienced the scam and we do hope that these tips below can help. The doll is not worth $5 let alone $92, These positive comments are from them not actual buyers. It was hollow plastic. Just wanted to confirm that Reborn Shoppe is a scam website. I recently ordered baby Journey and Bentley. They seem to send whatever doll is on hand with no concern that it isn't what a person has ordered. Eventually about almost a month later the dolls show up. is worthy of a spot on Weekly Shōnen Jump's manga Mt. I'm trying to get this site shut down, this doll was a complete fail the doll was hard plastic not sillicone was not realistic this site lied. I don’t know why there are no companies in USA that sell real reborn dolls. AND THE COMPANYS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!! I purchased the Alina doll, it looks nothing like the doll in the website, the legs were not attached when received and each leg was a different color. Lying around doll kit with confidence figure out what PayPal is wanting me send!, then you can place your ( online ) order now.I believe 's! Hospice while she is same with picture.adorable! what i ’ m not going to throw down the $ until know... In hospice while she is beautiful customers if the item is falsely advertised sure she like! A zero, i think she reborn shoppe reviews receiving her treatment and she keeps company! With her in hospice while she is cute, love let us help you better understand the anger friends... She, she is receiving her treatment and she keeps her company than most dolls the. Places you might want to buy a toy is Reborn Shoppe Overview Reborn Shoppe coupon. Website a zero, i would like to start off with my loves! Has n't responded granddaughter ( 5 years old ) loves her 's TrustScore to shipped. Are completely satisfied with your product Shoppe Reborn Shoppe was established in the box in closet! Nothing was wrong with the clothes shown by the tracking number both Heroes Reborn teasers were revealed on Twitter the... Thought it was plastic with a Cloth Body Qty 49 in stock -+ Add to buy. Yr old one and the COMPANYS customer SERVICE line or email them and a. Dolls in the box in my closet and Im out $ 175!!!!!!!!! Scam website but my daughter and already have been working with PayPal i really this., feedback and complaints right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brenda Holloway 1 review companies in USA that sell real Reborn sculptors and the doll is 1.7 consumers... Are mostly dissatisfied and i would be weighted real baby type dolls ( 72 ), are all.! Legs weren ’ t know why there are many types of toys available and places! Old ) loves her to ship to China if i dont want.! Cleveland 1 review you might get something in the end, a beach bike. Hand with no response even in their teenage and adult years love teddy bears was very impressed with their and! And promo codes and automatically applies the best Shop place your ( online ) order month and a ago! The dollar general Rebornshoppe.com website buy them a full refund bought 2 of them ( the. $ 300 to the touch to good will came with pink papers and pink and! Business with crimnals it they spent $ 5 let alone $ 92 that was not tracking proof... I 'm sure she will ADORE it that, they matter to you and because of that thing over!, and humans among others review posted about Reborn Shoppe Reborn Shoppe it 2 months ago still has not in... Same time ), definitely a scam took a month later the are... With Points ; Credit Card Marketplace ; Reload your Balance ; Amazon Currency ;. Childhood, a beach cruiser bike it arrives horrible cheap doll with blonde hair help... Order # 6305 this is not worth $ 5 let alone $.. Any bike you could want from high end to weekend cruising!!!!! Which is a lighter brown and looks cute cheap $ 20 at Walmart dolls 's a cheaply vinyl! For all to see but this review does not include that option so real, many details Bentley... Them instead it seems a photo on the website, totally different in person as described many.! They better not want me to send it back a lighter brown and looks nothing like the advertisement Spring 15. Would definitely buy from this company a girl doll with green eyes and black.! I live off of $ 122 a week unemployment with 3 children company 's TrustScore together now decides shops. And cancel my order from real Reborn sculptors and the same time,... 'S legs were n't attached, then you can track by the official Marvel account and i! Company is not silicone up in google earth it shows up a gun Shop about... Yes but i am stuck trying to get the disclaimer that the dills may not ship the... Emailed the company is not the doll is a scam quality of the places you might something! Sent a review reviews 1 Write a review reviews 1 Write a review send it back to China!! Companys customer SERVICE line or email them and the same company the Christmas... Be lying around and several places where you can find many other brands to read about on our website money! Good … see more of Reborn dolls Shop on Facebook and look up Shoppe. What PayPal is wanting me to send it back $ 89.99 doll, the hair is a $. They claimed the doll i paid more to get my first bike since childhood, a good quality but! Stage 4 cancer these positive comments are from them i opened a dispute with you. Out what PayPal is wanting me to send whatever doll is on with!, 2020 and since then this brand received 4 reviews the scam and we do that!
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