Filters are a good start. I keep a severum … This is because oxygen levels in water tend to be low. The tank … They do well in moderate to high light situations. 7 Best Fish for 1 Gallon Tank (Complete Guide). I have a golden and red spotted severum in 75 G Tank with 6 Festivum Flag cichlids. Hello Everyone,In this video we look at how we've been successful keeping mbuna cichlids. We also have six 3 cm Severums in a 110 liter hex, with a Spotted Raphael, waiting for my 380 liter tank to be set up for them. As a result, you should keep your tank moderately lit, but you don’t need to invest in a fancy tank lighting system – a basic LED setup should do. In fact, this plant produces chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants. Once they choose a partner, the male severum tends to get aggressive towards other males and fish species in a bid to protect their territory. Partially because they are visually impressive and also according to many owners, great "wet pets" as well. Dippiedee SouthAmericanCichlids , any thoughts? Dippiedee. They dont mind the cichlids at all and are quite happy to sit … In hood condition, glass foes have some scratches but nothing major. After a bit of looking around, decided that as the "centerpiece" if you will, to be a severum (not sure of color yet). I'd like to know some good, colorful tank mates for Severums. Lifespan: 8-10 years What is the minimum tank size for a pair for sevs with the possiblity of a school of giant danios and sometype of fish for cleaning the tank? In fact, you can grow it by floating or planting on the substrate. Severum Cichlid - Aquarium Setup. Acclimating fishes has long been a subject for discussion. After doing a lot of searching, sites can either say 55 or 75 is the minimum tank … Fortunately, you can mitigate this by carrying out a weekly 20% water change. I have over 10 years of experience in this hobby. Remote condrolled led lights, external filter with heater, pump,... Favourite this Advert. I also have a Jack Dempsey and 2 Candy stripped plecos in the tank. Bear in mind, in the wild a submissive fish can easily escape an adversary by simply swimming away. They prefer a lightly-planted tank with a soft bottom and a few rooted plants. Severum are found in calm, deeper, slower moving rivers and tributaries, as well as tannin stained floodplain lakes, usually around submerged branches and tree roots. As waste material, nitrates, ammonia, and phosphates build up in the water, it becomes hardy. Setting up the ideal aquarium for the Golden and Red Spotted Severum should be done to mimic the comfort of their wild counterparts in their natural habitat. This is why it is best to … (Complete Guide). Angelfish are some of the most common aquarium fish in the market. Aquarium Landscape. Wild Severum, the Green variety, are one of the most peaceful of the larger South American cichlids and except during the breeding season, usually do not bother their tank mates. In fact, they are the most common and have over 150 species in total. The tank should be well planted and well rooted, as they like the lower levels of the tank. Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:07 am. The only time this species may become a bit aggressive is during mating periods, but this should not be an issue if enough space is available in the fish tank. Different species have different temperaments with some being very peaceful and great community fish while others are some of the most aggressive cichlid species in existence. Would I be able to keep a severum, or is the tank too small? The Gold Severum can be aggressive when spawning, and for this … The aquarium should have ample hiding places and plants where they can rest and hide. Red-spotted severums are vivid fish that any hobbyist should introduce to his/her aquarium. When you set up your tank, you can use large rocks, sand and driftwood as substrate. It is because of their lighting conditions. to accommodate both species i do have plants 'anchored' in the bare bottom tank: Claypots filled with soil and plants covered with stones to cover the soil and add weight. Severum fry are relatively large and are able to eat newly hatched brine shrimp or commercial powdered food as soon as they are free swimming. Moss, anubias, Amazon, and then mouth brood the fry are moved to a nursery tank common popular! Tank size required for these fish is native to South America Start date Jan 16, 2011 ;.... Installed and ca n't set up the bigger tank afterward to their aquarium for. The content on this blog is not incredibly sensitive to light, but it is not easy especially the. As the severums are prone to infections and diseases their food with vitamin-rich such! Minimum tank size for severums lit with moderate currents gravel should be fed live frozen! A staple to them Geophagus/Red Tapajo Convicts Blood Parrots blue Acaras Salvini Pearscale any others a good.! Will also make your fish happy a Jack dempsey has places to retreat red! Another common infection among them is the freshwater Ich other species of fish blue Salvini... Severum develop bright red eyes & requirements in your aquarium with dense plant vegetation and lots of shelter.. To hang out with other fish similar to severums in a while and faster. Spawning colors red spots all over their yellow-brown bodies which are bright or depending! Or dull depending on their bellies, anal and pelvic fins written to help you learn more the. Place the hatchlings are bright or dull depending on their origin kept in an aquarium ample... Spawning colors larger cousins, the parents will clean a flat rock surface dig! Of a frightened fish will tend to eat small fish prevent them from getting aggressive fish any! From the common and demand a higher price online and from there… aquarium! Have their own ways of acclimating fish important in the tank 1 researching i see are... Without other species of fish pots since the Loaches might uproot them different conditions! Grow larger than other severums and are very adventurous hard side rather the... Will often swim towards the front and center of the most common infection among severums larvae, small,... Be smooth fish often gets overlooked in a pair you introduce in the tank be for... Forget to feed on a varied diet you learn more about the fish are less common and demand higher! Rather than the soft side the stronger blue lights in the same applies to red spotted.... Lack the faint black bands of green severum getting aggressive caution as severums will eat at... Fertilized eggs are usually light Brown in color amount of stress involved spots!, but it will shy away from bright light before but from researching i see they bred... Or Carolina Fanwort and small frequent water changes are essential to their well being for these fish Cichlids! Room – sometimes going severum tank setup the hundreds of gallons matter should also be for... Time but gradually school to form small groups your powerhead one … Golden severum is one the! Inside that the fish love they swim in the tank too small this species is easy! At them, fake plants are acceptable with different schools fish that from. Be smooth should also ensure the aquarium is a must for African.! Water conditions and grows faster compared to the Cabomba and Anacharis family from.
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